The equitable treatment of shareholders

The Company ensures that all shareholders of the same series of a class of shares are treated equally:

1. Within any series or class of shares, all shares shall carry the same rights. All investors shall be able to obtain information about the rights attached to all series and classes of shares before the purchase. Any changes in voting rights shall be subject to approval by those classes of shares which are negatively affected.

2. Minority shareholders shall be protected from abusive actions by, or in the interest of, controlling shareholders acting either directly or indirectly, and should have effective means of redress.

3. Votes should be cast by nominees in a manner agreed upon with the beneficial owner of the shares.

4. Impediments to cross border voting should be eliminated.

5. Procedures for general shareholder meetings and voting should allow for equitable treatment of all shareholders. Voting process should be organized in the way not to make unduly difficult or expensive to cast votes.


The Company prohibits insider trading and abusive self-dealing.

Members of the Management and Executive Boards should be required to disclose to the Management Board whether they, directly, indirectly or on behalf of third parties, have a material interest in any transaction or matter directly affecting the Company.

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