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During five years of activity the Metalac Fund presented greeting cheques from 500 to 4.000 euro to 212 babies, in total 200.000 euro. This year was the record with 50 boys and girls. Everyone of them received the greeting cheque from the president of the Fund and first babies born in the new maternity section of  the hospital in Gornji Milanovac received 20.000 dinars each.
This kind of stimulus that Metalac is giving to young employees to start families again drew very much of public attention.
Metalac also carried out other activities for social benefit allocating 10% of it profit yearly for these purposes. Beside long term support to seven sports clubs with 800 children and young people as members, there also educational activities and ecological projects included in Metalac portfolio.


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With 1st January new products are already waiting - the oldest and the bigest Metalac factory METALAC POSUDJE prepared the new cookware collection Ecotava, unique by its non-stick enamel with particular healthy and ecological advantages.
Sink factory place into market the sinks of exceptional design, like for example xElips by the idea of Karim Rashid.
New markets are opening and all is ready for the Chicago Housewares Show and Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt taking place beginning 2011.


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5% growth in 2010, for 2011 plan is 8%. The best results in Russia. New company in Ukraine soon.
All the companies of the group show growth as compared to the year before, although separately their results are different. Of importance is that production companies kept the level, even went something over the plan. Of the trading companies , the one in Moscow had rather successful year considering the share of the russian market in the total turnover of Metalac. During the first quarter of 2001 a new company in Kiev will be founded aimed to make better position of Metalac products in the market of Ukraine where we are present from 2004. With 5% turnover increase from 2009, we expect the total profit of about 4,5 million euro. In 2010 Metalac continued its economic, social and environmental policy. Due to increased sale in the local market there were work for all 1.600 employees. 8% growth is planned for 2011.


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Stepping into 2011 with new cookware collections in stainless steel, aluminum and enamel.
Production plants with up-to-date equipment ready to respond to all market request.
Durin 2010 we introduced 57 new decoration patterns, 28 were included into regular production.
For Russian market 25 new decorations were made, 9 of which were chosen for regular supply.
New decors were made also for other clients, such as: Iittala, Pengo, Sabatier, Wald, GSW, Konzum, Mercator, Domaceand Ross.
In 2010 we also mixed 20 new enamel colours and 7 were included into regular production together with 14 colours from 2009.
 We presented various new or modified products for export and local markets. For example new aluminum collection "EcoPan" with unique "RealEase non-stick coating  - wuth enamel and non-stick properties. The market will first see 10 different items in 3 colours..
Beside EcoPan we offered to the market also stainless steel griddle pans round and square, triplam grypans 24, 26 and 28 cm, new Legat, Al Profi Pans 24, 28 and 32 cm, enamel beer mugs, classic stew pan 32 cm, classic stew pan with handles 34 cm, frypans classic 18 and 20 cm ...

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