Metalac Group - Članci poređani po datumu: april 2015

After shortlisting and several months of instructions Metalac will host the second semi-final competition scheduled in Gornji Milanovac for 4th December.
The Serbian competition for best technological innovation is held for eleventh time this year organized by the Ministry of Science in cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the national radio and television station and the Faculty of Technical Sciences of Novi Sad.
This year the company Metalac in support of this organization wants to moivate innovative people of Šumadija and other Serbian regions to take part. After shortlisting and several months of instructions we will host the second semi-final competition in Gornji Milanovac scheduled for 4th December.
The scope of the competition is to promote innovative capacities and enttrepreneural climat in Serbia as well as to help potential and current »high-tech« enterpreneurs who are ready and capable to market their ideas. All competitors are assisted with free training, consulting and media support during and after the competition.
„As a company that has stimulated innovativeness of employees for years and considers such projects as socially accountable Metalac is positive that all the people with ideas, innovative approach and entrepreneural spirit should come out from the shadow and these people and projects should be promoted in public and of course awarded“ – quote from the letter of support by Mr. Petrašin Jakovljević CEO of Metalac.
Important is to say that the deadline to apply and register for the „Competitiion for the best technological innovation in Serbia“ is 6th April. This is serious work and ends after two semi-finals, on 23rd December when six finalist teams will be presented to a competent jury with national television live transmition.
For further information about the competition, registration and procedure please visit

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