Solar oven premiere

At recent Belgrade Solar Day held at Ada Ciganlija, there was a premiere presentaton of the SUN CHEF solar oven, which Metalac Posudje started assembling in 2009 by an American patent. Despite the fact that practical demonstration of solar oven capabilities was disturbed by cloudy weather, the visitors were very interested for its functioning, temperatures that could be reached, materials from which it was made, its weight and maintenance.

Belgrade event was  held for the occasion of Europian Solar Days, organized by the Centre for Promotion, Development and Application of Recyclable Energy Sources. The manifestation was of educational character, especially for young people, to get common with ways of using solar energy and need for a proactive apprehension of ecology issues.

About 20 exhibitors presented photoelectric panels, solar collectors, heat pumps water-water and air-water, wind generators, ecological energents for thermal energy, solar water heaters and solar grills...

The promotional campaign of the SunChef solar oven will continue at different open air manifestations and festivals, with preparation of meals to demonstrate capability of "sun cooking" , energy saving and impact on environmental protection.

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