Disclosure and transparency

Disclosure from the side of the Company should include, but not to be limited to, material information on:


1. The financial and operating results of the Company.

2. Company business plans and objectives.

3. Major share ownership and voting rights

4. Remuneration policy for members of Management, Supervisory and Executive Boards, and information about board members, including their qualifications, other company directorship and whether they are regarded as independent by the board

5. Related party transactions.

6. Foreseeable risk factors.

7. Issues regarding employees and other stakeholders.

8. Governance structures and policies, in particular, the content of any corporate governance code or policy and the process by which it is implemented.


The Company shall prepare and disclose information in accordance with high quality standards of accounting and financial and non-financial disclosure.

An annual audit of the Company’s business shall be conducted by an independent, competent and qualified auditor, in order to provide an objective assurance to the board and shareholders that the financial statements fairly represent the financial position and performance of the Company in all material respects.

External auditors should be accountable to the shareholders and owe duty to the Company to exercise due professional care in the conduct of the audit.

Company will communicate with public via its web site and daily newspapers with large circulation, as well as other information disseminators which will enable the users to have an access to relevant information, taking care of timing and cost efficiency.

The corporate governance framework of the Company will be supplemented by procurement of analyses or advice given by professional analysts, brokers, rating agencies and others, referring to investor decisions, taking care, at the same time, of the material conflict of interests, which can eventually arise and jeopardize the integrity of their analysis or advice.


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